Elementary Band Update 9-7-18

Elementary Band Update 9-7-18


Dear RTSD Elementary Band Parents,


  Hello and I hope you had a wonderful first week back to school!  Here are just a few updates for you:


  • We are trying to finalize lesson schedules and hope to begin lessons in the middle of next week (probably Wednesday).  You will receive via email a detailed schedule of the day and time for lessons.


  • If you ordered an instrument online from Music and Arts, it is in the process of being delivered.  We will get instruments out on Tuesday of next week.


  • Students playing baritone horn, french horn, bassoon, or tuba will receive an instrument on the first lesson.  I will notify you when the home instrument is ready to be picked up.  


  • A reminder that there will be early morning rehearsals in addition to group lessons beginning in January (WES Tuesdays; RES Wednesdays, IES Thursdays).


All of my emails to you and information, including lessons schedules, will always be available on my webpage (there are links below in my signature).  


I know that you have received information about schoology from the district.  I will continue to use email as my primary form of communication, and will continue to post information on my webpage, as this is the most reliable way to communicate with all of you.  I will begin to start using schoology to post more information as the year progresses.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at any time.  Please look for the lessons schedule sometime over the weekend or on Monday.  Have a great weekend!