January Lessons

January Update


The Band Lessons schedule for January is here: RES Band Lessons - January 2019.  A couple of notes:
  • The early morning band rehearsals for the month are listed for your convenience next to the Wednesdays when they are happening.  If there is no rehearsal noted, then there is no rehearsal that morning.  


  • There are chorus rehearsals scheduled during the month of January.  These happen during the normal lesson time and involve the entire 5th grade.  They are in preparation for the winter chorus concert.  I have noted those days on the calendar so you know that there are no lessons on those days.


  • I may try to make up some of the lessons as we move through the month.  I will tell the students and email home if I do so.


As always, this lessons schedule is available on my RES teacher page and will also be posted to schoology so that the students can access it as well.  Happy January!