Wanted: Youth Basketball Instructors

Radnor Youth Basketball is starting a Saturday program for kids in kindergarten and 1st-grade.

• Paid instructors needed - hourly rate or other compensation arrangement
• Experience in teaching, coaching or sports camps preferred
• Basketball knowledge at the beginning youth level
• 9 Saturdays - 2 elementary school gyms - IES, WES
• Times run 9:00-4:30 and 11:00-5:15
• Jan. 5-March 9 (except Feb 16)
• Parent Volunteers will assist each group
• High School players will be volunteering to help for each group
• Instructors expected to work with parent coaches and HS students to run/oversee clinic style program
• 5 groups Boys K, 3 groups Boys 1st, 1 group Girls K, 2 groups Girls 1st

Contacts to apply or for more info: Bob Miccolis at bob.miccolis@gmail.com and Bonnie Cotter at bonnie.cotter@verizon.com.

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