Wallace Craig Dickson

WallaceCraigDickson Wallace Craig Dickson, born on February 20, 1891, was a medic veteran of World War I and lived no further than two miles away from Radnor High School at 405 Oak Lane. Before entering into the army, he was a messenger for Wayne Title and Trust Company.

On December 4, 1917, Mr. Dickson enlisted in the military, despite being diagnosed with diabetes. He was assigned to the American Expeditionary Forces, a single unit consisting of more than one million well-trained United States troops, and was sent to France to fight alongside the French and British military led by General John Pershing.

Mr. Dickson served in a medical unit in the city of Tours as the allies attempted to retake France from the German army. He met his death there on February 25, 1918.

During his time in the military, Mr. Dickson acquired the rank of Private First Class. He is buried at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Wayne.