Norman B. Hallman

Norman Beadle Hallman was born on September 26, 1889 and first lived in the Ithan section of Radnor before moving to 224 Lenoir Avenue in Wayne. He shared a home with his parents and four brothers. His father was a carpenter and his younger brothers, Harold and Jolly, were also veterans of World War I. Harold achieved the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major and Jolly, First Class Private.

Mr. Hallman attended Radnor High School from 1903-1907. He played football for the school. After graduation, he worked at the Bryn Mawr National Bank.

On June 2, 1916, Mr. Hallman was registered for World War I. He was inducted in Ridley Park, PA on November 3, 1917 and his U.S. Army serial number is 1,786,498. He was in Company F in the 316th Infantry, 79th Division.

After training in Camp Meade in Maryland, Mr. Hallman’s division traveled to France in July 1918. Once in France, the division entered combat in September 1918, two months before World War I ended. The division was involved in the Battle of Meuse Argonne, which began on September 26. The 316th, 315th, 314th and 313th infantries fought for four days in this battle, during which time Mr. Hallman lost his life.

Mr. Hallman is buried in St. Lutheran's Cemetery in Ardmore, PA.