Anthony S. Rich

Anthony S. Rich was born on Dec. 1, 1921, and lived on Maplewood Road in Wayne. His parents were Charles, an insurance broker, and Alice. He had a brother, Stewart, whom is also believed to have enlisted in World War II.

Mr. Rich attended Radnor schools, but left high school two years early to work as a stock clerk. In February 1942, her enlisted in the U.S. Army in Philadelphia. He became a warrant officer in the 45th Army Division ground forces. During World War II, warrant officers worked at communicating between higher officers and enlisted men.


Beginning on January 22, 1944, the Allied forces of the 5th U.S. Army launched a successful amphibious landing in Nettuno, Italy in an effort to cut the Italian peninsula in two, and force the Germans to surrender Italy. After initial success, within days the Germans had brought in reinforcements and launched a counterattack. This would become known as the Battle of Anzio.


From February 18-21, the Germans launched a final assualt against the 180th and 179th. On Feruary 21, 1944, Mr. Rich was sadly injured and died from his wounds. In 1948, he was reinterred at Arlington Cemetery.