Horatio Gates Sickel V

Horatio Gates Sickel V was born on October 20, 1921 in Pennsylvania and was the third son of Horatio IV, a Captain in the U.S. Navy, and Frances Dowling Ball. Nicknamed "Bud," Mr. Sickel followed his father's footsteps and entered the Naval Academy in 1940.


After graduating on June 9, 1943 with the Outstanding Student Award, Mr. Sickel became a naval pilot and went on to serve in World War II alongside his father. Sadly, on July 31, 1944, the elder Sickel died from a plane crash into the sea. After his father's tragic death, Mr. Sickel continued his service and went on to serve as an Naval Aviator in the Korean Conflict.


After his time in Korea, Mr. Sickel went on to become a test pilot. Sadly, he met the same fate as his father when he died in a plane crash on July 13, 1956 while testing an FJ-3 near Billings, West Virginia. He was buried in Arlington Cemetary on July 19, 1956 with full military honors.