Charles Parkin Wassell

Charles Parkin Wassell was born on December 20, 1921 in Illinois to parents Lloyd and Georgene, who had three other sons. When Mr. Wassell was in 6th grade, he and his family moved to Erie, New York and then to Radnor, where Mr. Wassell completed the 7th-9th grades.


The family left Radnor after Mr. Wassell’s freshman year and moved to Westport, Connecticut. At some point during this time, Mr. Wassell and his three brothers chose to serve their county.


Mr. Wassell joined the U.S. Army Air Forces, 375th Bomber Squadron, 308th, and served in Fort Bonifacio in Manila, Philippines. The group’s task was to equip war fighters with long-range, precision attack capabilities.


Mr. Wassell rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant before he sadly went missing during World War II. He was pronounced dead on May 19, 1944. Mr. Wassell’s death was especially devastating to his mother and father because his brothers Frank and Harry also died during service within 15 months of each other.


Mr. Wassell was awarded the Purple Heart and his name appears on the War Memorial in downtown Wayne as well as a memorial in Westport. His gravesite is at the Manila American Cemetery.