Harrie A. Winham

Winham Harrie A. Winham was born in Queens, New York on December 1, 1919. He lived there with his parents, Arthur and Ella, and his brother Arthur, Jr. for about 12 years before the family moved to Radnor in 1931.

Mr. Winham attended Radnor High School for four years. After graduating, he attended the University of Pennsylvania for two years. After his sophomore year, he left to join the U.S. Army.

While in the army, Mr. Winham was part of the Air Force’s 382nd Fighter Squadron, 363rd Fighter Group. Based in Le Mans France, the group flew P-51 Mustangs, escorting bombers and protecting troop carriers during the invasion of Normandy. The crew also flew F-5s and F-6s on reconnaissance missions with purpose of gathering photographic evidence of the strength and location of enemy positions.

During his time in service, Mr. Winham was awarded the Air Medal for his meritorious achievement while participating in flight.

A few months after D-Day on June 25, 1944, Mr. Winham was killed in action. His family received a Purple Heart medal, recognizing the death of a solider while in combat for the United States. He is buried in Lorraine American Military Cemetery, located in St. Avold, France.