February 22, 2018

February 22, 2018


The Committee met on February 22. The meeting included a final review of the Teen Sleep Habits Survey that will be administered to Radnor High School students in the coming weeks. RTSD was granted permission to use and slightly modify the survey in order to collect the information most relevant to guide our study and to aid in understanding our students’ needs and the activities they engage in that may impact their sleep habits.


The Committee further reviewed questions to be answered and posted to our Adolescent Sleep and School Start Time website for community reference. The questions and answers developed will be supported by information derived from past studies and/or by researcher Dr. Wendy Troxel at her presentations on March 12 and 14.


The meeting concluded with the Committee breaking into groups to begin the process of weighing two different scenarios. One group was assigned to create the scenario of not moving the RHS start time and proposed a plan of action that would address our adolescent students' sleep needs within RTSD.


The second group created a scenario of a later RHS start time and planned for the accommodations required. Due to the initial agenda items, the group had limited time to develop each scenario and will continue development during the next scheduled meeting time.