March 21, 2019

March 21, 2019


Since our Sleep and School Start Time Committee presented its initial recommendation of adjusted school start times at the November 13, 2018 Curriculum Committee meeting, there has been significant progress in refining the recommendation as a result of additional research and extensive feedback from various individuals and groups, including parents, students and staff members.


As a result of this additional work, the committee is now prepared to present a final school start time recommendation to the School Board at the Board’s monthly business meeting next Tuesday, March 26. We do not anticipate a Board vote on the recommendation at this meeting. The earliest possible vote from the Board would occur at the April 23 business meeting.  


You can view the presentation that will be provided to the Board as part of the meeting's agenda here.


As we enter this next phase of the study, we will again be seeking feedback from parents and community members regarding the final recommendation. We will be scheduling these meetings for early April and will provide our community with the dates, times and locations. We invite those who are interested in the latest information from the committee to  continue visiting this dedicated section of our webpage.  You can also share your thoughts via email  In the coming days, an updated timeline and an addendum to the Sleep and School Start Time Report will also be posted on our website.


We thank all parents and community members who have provided feedback to date. Your perspectives have greatly helped shape our years’ long study of school start time and our subsequent recommendations. We look forward to sharing updated information with you.




Kenneth E. Batchelor