How do I edit the "About Teacher" app on my "Welcome" webpage?

1. In Site Manager, navigate to your Welcome page

2. Click the About Teacher App

3. Enter your information in the fields provided: Prefix, Name and Biography
The biography fields allows a teacher to enter a general message to parents/students, a description of his/her class, his/her professional experience or other related information.

4. Under Photo, click SELECT FILE

5. Under Insert Image on the left, click Shared Image

6. Under Choose Folder, select Teacher Webpage Graphics from the drop down menu

7. Select the image you would like to use

8. Click Continue

9. A preview of the image will appear (All shared images in the Teacher Webpage Graphics folder are sized correctly, DO NOT CHANGE THE DIMENSIONS)

10. Click Insert Image

11. Click Details tab

12. Enter your information in the fields provided: Email, Phone, Degrees and Certifications
Email and Phone are REQUIRED. Degrees and Certifications are OPTIONAL.

13. Click Save