How do I create an accessible table?

1. In Site Manager, navigate to the page to which you wish to add the Table App

2. Click Manage Apps & Layout under the Actions menu on the right

3. Click Add App

4. Select Table from the Select an App List

5. Click Create New

6. Enter Name

7. Click Create

8. Click I'm Done

9. You are returned to the page in Edit mode

10. Click on your new Table app

11. Drag your mouse over the squares to size the table

12. Check Header Row and Header Column

13. Expand Set Table Options

14. Enter a Table Caption and Table Summary

15. Select a Table Style from the choices

16. To add content, double click a cell in the table. A border displays around the cell and you see the curson within the cell. Enter content and double click the next cell that you wish to edit.

17. Click Save