6th Grade Health (04066602)

6th Grade Health (04066602)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Two (2) Days in an Eight (8)-Day Cycle

Description:  The sixth (6th) grade Health curriculum is based on teaching students the major concepts of health. Safety, injury prevention, bullying, fitness, nutrition, and making healthy decisions are important to one’s total health. We believe these units will teach our students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Specific topics to be discussed:

  • Three (3) Areas of Health: Mental and Emotional Health; Family and Social Health; Physical Health
  • Drugs and Medicines: Prescription vs Over-the-Counter Medicines; Drug Misuse vs Drug Abuse
  • Alcohol: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Blood Alcohol Concentration; Tolerance
  • Tobacco: Steps to Addiction; Effects on the Body
  • Body Systems: Respiratory; Circulatory; Muscles and Bones