6th Grade World Language Exploratory (04054601)

6th Grade World Language Exploratory (04054601)


Format:  Meets Every Day

Description:  Each sixth (6th) grader rotates through the six (6) World Language Exploratory Classes (French, Spanish, German, Latin, Cultural/School Counselor, and Information Literacy) over the course of two (2) marking periods. Each “rotation” lasts approximately 15 days:

  • French/Spanish/Latin/German Rotation: In this exploratory course, students are exposed to French, German, Latin, and Spanish for three (3) weeks each in an effort to make an informed choice for future study. Students will become familiar with the following common themes in each language: the alphabet, numbers 1-20, colors, salutations, body parts, days of the week, months, and basic geography of language groups.

  • Information Literacy/Library Rotation: Throughout this 15-day course, students will learn the steps involved in the research process. In the context of a variety of activities, students will practice brainstorming, locating resources, note-taking, evaluating resources, and citing resources. Additionally, the students will learn how to choose books for research as well as for independent reading. They will also learn about the RMS Library. The focus will be on where resources are located, when and how to visit the library, library policies, and procedures.

  • Cultural Awareness Rotation: Cultural Awareness is an 8-day course designed to raise student awareness, understanding, and appreciation of cultural diversity. In this course, students will be challenged to consider and modify their perceptions of culture, stereotypes, and individual differences through exposure to cooperative and team- building exercises, multimedia resources, and hands-on activities.

  • School Counselor Rotation: The school counselor education class meets for seven (7) straight days, which are broken into two (2) different topics of discussion and exploration. The first four (4) days focus on anti-bullying education. School counselors lead discussions about empathy and help students practice developing this skill by reviewing bullying situations and scenarios. Students learn to identify bullying and how it may manifest in our school and ways to combat it. The class also explores the reasons behind bullying behavior. The last three (3) days of the school counselor curriculum are dedicated to career education. Students learn about their own learning style, take an interest survey, and explore careers based on the results of their interest survey.