Powerpoint Presentation from May 8, 2018 Policy Committee Meeting

Informational Session (May 8, 2018)


May 8, 2018 Booster Club Policy Development Informational Session (Click for PowerPoint)


In lieu of presenting a draft of the Booster Club Policy and Administrative Regulations at the May 8 Board Policy Committee meeting, administration hosted an information session for the committee, Booster Club members, and the public in general to provide background on the purpose for the development of a Booster Policy in RTSD. As part of the educational session, the following topics were discussed: Title IX, Booster Club bylaws and operations, fundraising and sound financial practices, and requirements for compliance with local, state and federal laws.


Administration and the District solicitor shared how the Booster Policy will help to maintain a strong and collaborative working relationship with Booster Clubs to enhance the district’s educational goals.