7th Grade Accelerated Language Arts

7th Grade Accelerated Language Arts (04010713)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Daily

Description:  Seventh (7th) Grade Accelerated Language Arts allows high-performing, highly-motivated, and academically-advanced students to pursue rigorous coursework that is tailored toward students who are performing two (2) or more years above grade-level expectations.  Students are admitted to accelerated courses based on criteria that consider past performance and demonstrated readiness. A Parent Override to access an Accelerated class is available for one subject/discipline (excluding math) per year. This course builds on and extends the range of basic content from the on-grade-level language arts course and pursues skills and content from advanced grade levels.  Students in this course will develop advanced skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research.  Rigorous in- and out-of-class reading, challenging class discussions, and a variety of writing experiences will be required.  Summer assignments will also be required.  Major units of study in this course consist of:


  • Unit #1 - Method and Meaning in Fiction and Poetry
  • Unit #2 - Method and Meaning in Nonfiction
  • Unit #3 - Because I Said So:  Crafting an Argument
  • Unit #4 ­ Hidden Messages:  Symbolism and Imagery
  • Unit #5 - Tell Me a Story:  The Art of Narrative Writing
  • Unit #6 - Fact and Fiction

Self-selected readings, vocabulary, and grammar run concurrently with the above units.