7th Grade Health Education

7th Grade Health Education (04066702)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Two (2) Days in an Eight (8)-Day Cycle

Description:  The seventh (7th) grade Health curriculum is designed to promote life-long fitness and health. Students will develop health goals as well as design a plan to achieve those goals. The course also identifies the traits that are important for maintaining good character.  Using these goals and traits, they will understand how to make responsible decisions throughout their life. Some of the important issues covered in this course are Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco abuse, as well as the risks associated with sexual pressures. Refusal skills will be practiced helping students refrain from these dangerous risk behaviors. Growth and Development and the Endocrine System are among the most important parts of the body. Students will take an in- depth look at the changes that occur during their adolescent years and why.