7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences

7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences (04117703)

Length:  Semester

Format:  Meets Every Other Day

Description:  The seventh (7th) grade course in Family and Consumer Sciences builds on the skills learned the previous year and also introduces several new topics.  There are five (5) units of study:  Nutrition, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Cooking, and Sewing.  In the Cooking and Sewing Units, the students will have hands‐on practical labs requiring them to take the skills learned in sixth (6th) grade and advance them to a higher level.  The need for a healthy lifestyle during adolescence is stressed during the Nutrition Unit.  Emphasis is placed on basic nutrients needed for growth and good health.  Students will evaluate current eating habits and set goals for improvement.  Time Management and Conflict Resolution Units touch on the social and emotional aspects of being a teenager, teaching them critical skills to use in everyday life.  Time Management helps students evaluate their use of time.  The students learn to be more efficient and make better choices with their time.  Conflict Resolution helps students understand and learn to use active listening skills.  Effectively using "I" messages is stressed, along with avoiding common barriers to effective resolution.  It is the goal of the Family and Consumer Sciences courses that all students increase their ability to work cooperatively, productively, and responsibly.