8th Grade Language Arts

8th Grade Language Arts (04010813)


Format:  Meets Daily

Description: Grade 8 Language Arts allows students to pursue rigorous coursework that is aligned with the Pennsylvania Core Standards.  Students are enrolled in this course based on criteria that consider past performance and demonstrated readiness.  Students in this course will develop grade-level appropriate skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research.  Rigorous in- and out-of-class reading, challenging class discussions, and a variety of writing experiences will be required.  Summer assignments will also be required.  Major units of study in this course consist of:

  • Unit #1 - Literary Foundations through Science Fiction
  • Unit #2 - The Short Story:  Thinking Like a Writer
  • Unit #3 - Voices of Courage and Dignity in Their Own Words
  • Unit #4 - Drama and Argument
  • Unit #5 - Deeper Meaning through a Classic

Self-selected readings, vocabulary, and grammar run concurrently with the above units.