8th Grade Seminar Geometry

8th Grade Seminar Geometry (04040823)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Daily

Description:  This course is an extremely challenging, rigorous, proof-based approach to Geometry.  Students in Seminar Geometry analyze geometric figures using deductive reasoning, make conjectures and formulate hypotheses, draw conclusions and make connections with other mathematical concepts, and model situations geometrically as a problem-solving strategy.  The course is designed to develop the ability to think mathematically, enhance problem-solving ability, and supplement the basics of plane geometry with foundation in space, coordinate, and transformational geometry.  Algebraic and geometric skills are integrated course features and the most difficult problem sets studied at the fastest pace.  This course is designed for accelerated eighth (8th) grade math students who successfully completed Algebra I and passed the Keystone Algebra I exam.