8th Grade Accelerated Social Studies

8th Grade Accelerated Social Studies (04020842)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Daily

Description:  Age of Exploration to the end of Reconstruction.  The Radnor Middle School Accelerated Eighth (8th) Grade Social Studies course focuses on the period of American History that begins with the development of the thirteen (13) colonies and proceeds through the United States of America’s Civil War and Reconstruction.  This writing-intensive course utilizes a variety of primary source documents, advanced supplemental readings, complex comparative analyses of current events, and an extensive research project on a historical topic from U.S. history using primary and secondary sources to conduct a thorough examination of the birth and growth of the United States of America.  This course is designed to provide appropriate academic rigor to advanced students.  The curriculum was created in accordance with the Pennsylvania Core State Standards and the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Civics and Government, Economics, History, and Geography.