8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences

8th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences (04117803)

Length:  Semester

Format:  Meets Every Other Day

Description:  FaCS is a cross‐curricular elective, which builds on the fundamental life skills put in place by earlier coursework.  The eighth (8th) grade curriculum introduces the units of Family Relationships and Consumerism, in addition to furthering experience within the units of Foods, Nutrition, and Sewing.  The Family Relationships Unit assists students in developing the skills needed for family/peer relationships and improved communication.  Consumerism stresses the importance of good money management, budgets, and banking skills.  The Foods Unit continues to enhance culinary skills, and introduces entertaining and meal planning.  The Nutrition Unit will emphasize MyPlate guidelines and the practical application of this new eating guide.  The Sewing Unit incorporates projects that are based on student preference and individual skill level.  Students may also complete a community service project.  Examples include:  costumes for the school play, pillowcases for Ryan’s Case for Smiles, and heart-shaped pillows for cardiac patients.  It is the goal of the Family and Consumer Sciences courses that all students increase their ability to work cooperatively, productively, and act responsibly.