8th Grade Music Technology

8th Grade Music Technology (04127825)

Length:  Semester

Format:  Meets Every Other Day

Description:  Music Technology is offered as an eighth (8th) grade music elective, meeting three (3) times a cycle for one (1) semester.  Students use and build upon basic music skills using software and hardware devices to complete class assignments and composition projects throughout the semester.  Areas of instruction include equipment care and operation, music literacy (reading and writing music), keyboard performance skills, basic compositional elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, form and texture; music technology-related history, concepts, terminology, and experience with several software applications.  Students are also introduced to digital sound editing, and links are made to the study of sound in the eighth (8th) grade Science  curriculum.  Listening and analysis of recorded examples of various forms of music created using electronic instruments is done throughout the semester.  Additional focus is placed on the historical development of electronic musical instruments and the recording process.  Quarterly grades are determined by student progress and growth in performance skills at the keyboard, technical skill, manipulation of digital music data, listening journal, compositional skill, and class participation.

Software:  Apple GarageBand and Logic music sequence recording software; Audacity recording and sound editing software; selected recordings.