8th Grade Latin

8th Grade Latin (04054803)

Length:  Year

Format:  Meets Daily

Description:  This course is a continuation of the seventh (7th) grade introductory course.  In this course, students deepen their language and cultural proficiency at the novice learner level.  The course will use the Oxford Latin Course:  Part I as its basic text.  The theme in the text centers on ancient education and the story of the Trojan War and mythology.  In addition to the textbook work, students are expected to research several topics on either history or culture during the year, such as historical and mythological figures, Roman art and architecture, and figures of speech used in both English and Latin.  Assessments will be made through tests, projects, quizzes, and homework.  The major goal of this course is to allow the student to progress through the study of Latin while learning about the influence of Rome on Western Civilization.