Life Strategies

Life Strategies (6th Grade- 04149902(4)(6)(8); 7th Grade- 04149912(4)(6)(8); 8th Grade 04149922(4)(6)(8)

Length: Year

Format: Available Daily; Based on Student Need

Description: The central focus of this course provides those students with IEPs assistance with some of the following (major) areas of difficulty: coping strategies, relaxation techniques, anxiety concerns, anger management, organizational issues, and relationships. Students will receive direct instruction in character education, emotional intelligence, decision making, anger management, peer/adult relationships, conflict resolution, and problem solving. Students will also receive assistance in the areas of dealing with authority, building self-esteem, determining cause-effect relationships, and interacting appropriately with adults and peers. Students meet individually or in groups from one (1) to eight (8) cycle days. Placement in this class will be determined by a student’s IEP and/or teacher recommendation. Specific, direct instruction will be driven by the student’s IEP, goals, and identified social-emotional needs (varies individually).