Writing Essentials

Writing Essentials (6th Grade – 04019639; 7th Grade – 04019709; 8th Grade ‐ 04019839)

Length:  Year

Format:  Three (3) Days in an Eight (8)-Day Cycle

Description:  This course will address basic writing composition skills for students who have demonstrated below grade-level writing skills by providing small group activities, direct instruction, and guided practice in overall development, organization, content, sentence structure, word choice, and mechanics.  The goals of this course are that the students will understand that writing is an ongoing process and students will understand that writing can always be improved.  Additionally, the essential question of “What makes writing worth reading?” will be an overlying theme to student support.  Students are assessed using the RTSD Writing Rubric, PSSA Writing Rubric, and Teacher-made assessments.  Depending upon students’ needs and schedule, eighth (8th) grade students may take this course every other day during an Encore period.