Writing Essentials

Writing Essentials (6th Grade – 04010632(4); 7th Grade – 04010732(4); 8th Grade – 04010832(4)

: Year

Format: Up to 4x a Cycle-Based on Student Need

Description: Through data analysis this course will be offered to students who are struggling with their writing composition skills. The modes of writing are identified by the Pennsylvania Academic Standards (narrative, informational and persuasive), and are utilized within the curriculum as students write for a variety of purposes. In this course, students will be reinforced in their knowledge of the five characteristics of effective writing (focus, content, organization, style, and conventions). Techniques such as writing with a clear focus and controlled organization will be reinforced in this course. The goals of this course are to provide small group activities, direct instruction, and guided practice in overall development, organization, content, sentence structure, word choice, and mechanics. Students are assessed using the RTSD Writing Rubric, PSSA Writing Rubric, Text Dependent Analysis, and Teacher-made assessments.