8th Grade Concert Band

8th Grade Concert Band (04127880)

Length:  Year

Format:  Rehearsal (Full Ensemble):  Meets Three (3) Times in an Eight (8)-Day Cycle (during Advisory); Group Lesson:  Meets Once Every Six (6) Days

Description:  The 8th  Grade Concert Band extends the opportunity for students who have received instruction on a band instrument for at least three (3) years prior (or equivalent) to continue instruction and performance on their selected band instrument as part of a large grade-level ensemble.  The 8th Grade Concert Band combines with the 7th Grade Concert band in performance for daytime and evening performances each semester.  Within each eight (8)-day rotation, students meet three (3) times for large ensemble rehearsal (combining with 7th Grade Band on the third rehearsal each cycle), and also have one (1) instrument-specific group lesson every six (6) days.  Primary focus is placed on sequential skill development on the student’s instrument in their fourth year of playing, fostering greater musical independence, as well as advancing ensemble performance, listening, and higher-order musical skills.  As band instrument instruction is sequential by nature, various elements of music and instrumental pedagogy are taught concurrently and expanded upon as student skill progresses.  Main content areas include:  Instrument operation, care and handling; performance fundamentals (instrument position, posture, tone production, breath support, embouchure, note fingering, and sticking); individual and ensemble performance (note and rhythmic reading, listening skills, key signatures, meter signatures); technique development (note and range extension, flexibility, intervals, extended and alternate note fingerings); and musical expression (articulations; dynamics; changing tempo; expanding ranges of performance tempo; musical vocabulary).  Students are assessed on instrumental progress and musical growth each quarter.  Quarterly grades are determined by demonstrated musical progress and growth, music preparation, attendance, and participation.