How does the district plan to measure the effectiveness of a change?

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The sleep committee surveyed high school students in Spring 2017 to gather baseline data regarding sleep patterns and social/emotional well-being. If a change to school start times takes place, the district will measure the effectiveness of such a change using the following metrics*:

  • Student Survey Data (May of Each Year)
  • Parent Survey Data (May of Each Year)
  • RHS Student and Parent Focus Groups (Several Meetings Throughout School Year)
  • Ongoing Collection of Feedback (
  • Nurse Visits Attendance Data (Absences and Tardiness)
  • Social Worker/School Psychologist Referrals
  • Athletic Injuries, Including Concussions
  • School Climate Survey (Annually)
  • Review of Historical PA Youth Survey Data (Every two years)
  • Review of Historical Early Dismissal Data

*Data to be used as applicable