1.3 Microsoft Surface Go Return

1.3 Device Return


All students participating in the Microsoft Surface Go 1:1 Program must return the Surface Go, power adaptor, keyboard cover, case, and student pen upon withdrawing from school, transferring to an outside educational placement program, or graduating from RHS. Students will be gifted the Surface Go by making the corresponding technology fee payments for a total of $556.00 (four technology fee payments of $139.00). The device returned to the distrct must be the original device issued by RTSD.


Any student who fails to return their Surface Go, charger, keyboard cover, student pen, and case will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of $489.00 for the Surface Go device; $80.00 for the keyboard case; $40.00 for the student Surface Go Pen; and $34.00 for the carrying case.


A student who loses any accessories (charging brick, charging cable, keyboard cover, student Surface Go pen, or carrying case) or, in June of their senior year, fails to return any accessories or returns accessories that have sustained more than minor damage andare unusable, will be notified of the damage and is obligated to provide replacement accessories.


As part of the device return process, students are required to inform technology support staff of any damage to the Surface Go or accessories.


Any student who transfers out of Radnor High School, or out of the district during the school year, or withdraws or is expelled, will have the option of purchasing the device at the total cost of $556.00 or to return their Surface Go and accessories at that time. The district will take any and all legal action necessary to secure the return of the equipment, or reimbursement thereof.