Mental Health Resources for Families

If you or a family member are in need of mental health services, there are several ways to obtain support:

1) Contact your insurance company directly for resources and coverage
2) Utilize your employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
3) Reach out to your primary care doctor for referrals and resources
4) Contact your RTSDt social worker for assistance navigating local community agencies that may accept your insurance. Several agencies are now offering Teletherapy in lieu of in person sessions.

Local Mental Health Agencies' Response to COVID-19

Private Insurance Agencies

  • Springfield Psychological: 610-544-2110
    • Springfield Psychological is now providing Telehealth Services for outpatient therapy and psychiatric medication management to support both new and existing patients. Telehealth services are now covered by all major commercial insurances & Medicare and can benefit all age ranges. To learn more about Telehealth Services please, contact the Intake office directly at 610-544-2110 X2 or visit to view the Telehealth Services section.
  • Delaware County Professional Services: 610-892-3800
    • Open for new patients with telemedicine available to see all ages for therapy and psychiatry.
  • Cornerstone Therapy and Wellness: 610-616-5935
  • Life Counseling: 610-644-6464
    • Accepting new clients for teletherapy
    • All other levels of care are currently being held via telehealth, on the BlueJeans platform with documentation being done via DocuSign. The only programming change we have during this time is that we are running condensed Partial Hospitalization Hours (4 hours a day).
  • Mainline Counseling and Wellness Center: 610-664-2524
    • Currently, accepting NEW patients. Our skilled therapy staff is here to help! While we cannot meet in person, we can provide video chat therapy and telephone sessions to help you feel supported through this time.
    • These sessions are covered as a face to face session would be, according to Federal waivers put in place recently to continue care through this pandemic.

Medical Assistance Accepted Agencies

  • Merakey: 1-888-647-0020
  • Lower Merion Counseling Services
    • We are operating through telehealth for all their services, including intakes. We are doing mostly zoom and facetime. If families don’t have access to a device then the Bryn Mawr office is open 9-5 daily for them to go in (one at a time) and use a computer to connect with a practitioner on zoom. They are currently prioritizing MA clients and have no wait.
  • Child Guidance Resource Center
    • We are moving forward with doing telemed to open existing referrals for CREATE program and Family First Program.  Outpatient services are being continued for families who already completed an intake and were on the existing wait list.
  • Gemma Services (formerly the Village)
    • Currently, we are currently providing teletherapy (no-in person services). We are working on figuring out doing intakes for new clients through tele therapy. Referrals for new clients can be made to our intake coordinator, Diana Synder, at 215-730-2326.  

Crisis Support

  • Crisis Text Line: If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress you can text “HOME” to 741741, the national Crisis Text Line, for 24-hour crisis support.
  • Delaware County Crisis Connections Team: 1-855-889-7827 This support is available to you, if you, or someone you care about, are feeling overwhelmed with emotions like sadness, depression, or anxiety, or you are experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255
  • Safe2SaySomething: 1-844-SAF2SAY is a youth violence prevention program run by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. This program provides a statewide resource to report concerns about threats to personal safety. (
  • 911 Emergency: As with any other emergency, you can also call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room.