Will the live streaming sessions be recorded? (April 3)

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Some sessions may be audio and video recorded and posted to Schoology so that students who were unable to be online at that time can view the instruction later. If there is a class with 24 students, the expectation is that not all 24 students will be on at the same time, so recording a teacher who is providing direct instruction will allow for asynchronous learning for students who weren’t available at the time of the lesson.   
To conform with FERPA and PA Wiretapping Law, for recorded sessions, the preset will be for all student microphones and cameras to be turned off. In these recorded session, students must request permission from their teacher to be seen or heard, must be granted the ability to enable their microphone and/or camera, and then must take a series of steps to enable their microphone and/or camera.  
Additionally, some teachers may elect to hold live streaming sessions that are not recorded, and permit students to have their microphones and/or video turned on. Using BigBlueButton in unrecorded sessions would be an ideal tool for morning meetings, office hours, allowing teachers to help support students individually or in groups, etc.