What impact do the Keystone Exams have on Radnor High School?

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Keystone Exams are used for three purposes: student, school, and teacher accountability. The results of these exams are gathered and published annually as part of the Future Ready PA Index. Additionally, Keystone Exams are used towards the ESSA report card, are incorporated into the evaluation of each teacher and principal, and are used for local and national ratings. 
Act 158, signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf, shifts Pennsylvania’s reliance on these tests as the sole path for meeting state mandated graduation requirements, and now provides alternatives for high school students to demonstrate readiness for postsecondary success. Act 158 applies to the Class of 2023 and beyond.  
Act 13,was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on March 27, 2020 and revises the Act 82 Educator Effectiveness (EE) process used to evaluate professional employees in PreK-12 education across Pennsylvania beginning in the 2021-2022 school year. Keystone scores are one aspect of the data that contributes to the overall rating of a teacher.