Why did the rebranding committee change its method of reducing the new nickname submissions to 8-10?

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Since the committee's first meeting on Feb. 18, 2021, the committee was made aware its purpose was to select a new nickname for RHS and RMS and that the committee was charged with reducing the 57 eligible new nickname options to 8-10 for feedback from focus groups. Per the project timeline first provided to the committee on Feb. 18, 2021, the focus groups were initially planned to be held between April 12-27, 2021

At April 6, 8 and 15 meetings, the committee followed a "Plan A" process developed by administration to reduce the nicknames to 8-10. Under Plan A, all 56 initial eligible nicknames were available for nomination by any committee member to possibly move forward to focus groups. A nomination needed to be seconded for committee discussion and vote. After a second and committee discussion, an anonymous Zoom poll was taken​ among committee members. If a nominated new nickname received at least 50% of committee members voting "YES," the nominated new nickname would move to focus groups.

At the April 6, 8 and 15 meetings, the committee was unable to utilize Plan A to successfully reduce the 57 eligible nicknames to the 8-10 needed for the focus groups. During these above meetings, one new nickname moved to the round of focus groups as a result of Plan A: "No Nickname, simply Radnor with an 'R' as the logo" (27 Yes, 4 No). This nickname option was added to the list of eligible new nicknames after committee discussion on April 15.

The nicknames nominated but not successful during Plan A were, in order: April 6, No nominations due to prolonged discussion of past nickname; April 8, Raptors (17 Yes, 18 No), Griffins/Gryphons (15 Yes, 20 No), Phoenix (15 Yes, 19 No), Dragons (11 Yes, 19 No), Maroon/Red/Crimson (13 Yes, 17 No), Ruckus (10 Yes, 22 No), and Revolution (14 Yes, 18 No).

During four-and-a-half hours of meetings, the Plan A process developed by administration was not successful in achieving the purpose of the committee to reduce the eligiblie nicknames to 8-10 for focus group feedback. Due to Plan A not being successful, administration developed a Plan B. At its April 15 meeting, the committee was informed of the possibility of moving to Plan B if Plan A did not produce the necessary 8-10 new nickname options for focus groups

At the April 19 meeting, with Plan A not producing the needed 8-10 nicknames over the course of three full meetings, Plan B was instituted and followed.

Under Plan B, each committee member was requested to complete an online survey via SurveyMonkey. ​Each committee member was requested to choose exactly 7 new nickname options out of the initial 56. ​The 7 new nicknames with the most selections would join "No Nickname, simply Radnor with an 'R' for a logo" for feedback from the focus groups. Due to Plan A being unsuccessful, all 56 eligible nicknames were available for selection.

The survey was completed by 29 of the 30 committee members (administrators were not permitted to complete the survey), with the following 7 options most selected: Griffins/Gryphons (13 selections), Raptors (13), Dragons (9), Hawks (9), Phoenix (9), Rain Frogs (9) and Ruckus (8).