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Submitting Absence Notes

Official Absence Excuse Card

A written explanation for a child's absence is required by the School Code of Pennsylvania. Please print and complete this form and send it to school with your child or submit via email to your school attendance email address. Hard copies of this excuse card may be obtained from your student's school office. 

Official Absence Excuse Card (PDF)

Submitting Electronic Absence Notes

Absence notes may be submitted to the school as an email attachment with the following guidelines.

  • Parent or guardian writes the absence note on a piece of paper or yellow card. A written excuse must contain the following information:
  1. name of the student;
  2. student grade level;
  3. the date(s) of the absence;
  4. the reason for the absence; and
  5. a parent or legal guardian’s signature

Please follow these email guidelines:

  • NO electronic signatures will be accepted.
  • ONLY emails with a signed absence note attached will be accepted.
  • Emailed notes MUST be sent to the designated email account (Only at the elementary level should the classroom teacher be CC'd).
  • Notes must contain the date of absence, student’s name, grade level, reason for absence and parent/guardian signature.
  • The designated email account is for absence notes only. All other content should be sent to a school staff member directly.