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Elementary School Handbook

The elementary program of the Radnor Township School District is designed to provide your child(ren) with experiences and opportunities to meet their individual needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas, including social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Please take the time to thoughtfully read through this handbook and review the components with your child(ren). The intention of this handbook is to gather the various items and procedures the District believes will be helpful to you and your child(ren) as you engage with the Radnor Township School District elementary school program.

2022-23 elementary Handbook (PDF)

Student hanging on monkey bars at recess

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  • Student and School-Related Procedures


Video surveillance may occur on school property and on school buses to protect school property and the health, safety and welfare of the students and employees. Video recordings may be used as a basis for any disciplinary action for any violation of law and/or school rules. Further, video recordings may be furnished to police in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. 

School buses may be equipped with video and audio recording devices which provide video and audio surveillance for safety, security, and disciplinary purposes. Students, their parents/guardians, and, where applicable, school bus drivers and passengers will be notified as to the presence and possible activation of any video and audio recording devices.  

The purpose of surveillance monitoring on school buses is to provide a safe environment for students, school personnel and contracted personnel. Surveillance monitoring will assist as a deterrent to misconduct which jeopardizes the safety of students and other permitted occupants of school buses, however it does not ensure the elimination of misconduct and cannot guarantee the absolute safety of those on board. 

COVID 19- Statement

Due to the continuously evolving and changing circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, policies and procedures outlined in this Student Handbook are subject to change based on the provisions of the RTSD Health and Safety Plan. Any individual questions specific to the building should be directed to your child's building administration.